Health Check Your Business Printing Needs

Do you manage your office or business’s stationary and other printed materials? When was the last time you did a health check of what and how you are your ordering these essential items? Much like many other parts of your business, it pays to regularly health check your business stationary ordering once every 12 months, to ensure you are ordering in the most sustainable, useful and cost-effective way.

So, what does a stationary health check look like? Try some of the below suggestions, to ensure your procurement processes are on track:

Streamline Ordering Process

Everyone wants to save time and money, and the easiest way to do this, is by streamlining any outdated or unnecessary ordering processes. Most printers now have an online ordering system, so you can log in at any time and place your order. It also makes it quick and easy to re-order stock, as required.

At G Force Printing, you can order your stationary in bulk, which lowers the cost of the print job. The bulk order can be stored at our premises, allowing you to receive your order throughout the year, as required. By utilising this modern system, you can keep your costs down, without having to store large amounts of printed materials in your office.

Modern Technology and Printing Methods

Printing has come a long way in the past few years, so make sure you review the print method you are using, as there may be a modern, cost effective alternative. Constant updates to technology in the print industry have seen a lot of old processes updated or replaced.

As an example, Flat & 3D Spot UV printing (used to get the gloss, raised and metallic finish) are replacing old methods such as embossing, foils and verko. These new methods produce the same result in a faster and more cost-effective way. Talk to your printer about your print techniques and options.

Choose Sustainable Options

With an increased focus on our environment, organisations need to ensure all their business units are operating as sustainably as possible. This includes your partners and suppliers. G Force Printing have made a concerted effort to ensure sustainable printing options are available. This includes our own internal recycling and energy conservation, along with recycled paper and packaging options for our services.

Review What You Are Ordering

You may have a ‘standard order’ which is no longer needed, so it’s vital you check what you have on backorder and what can be cancelled. Ask your staff to review what stationary is required, or if there is a better way you can be using these products.

Checklist - Get Organised

Put together a checklist for business stationary items like stickers, envelopes, invoice books, notepads, business cards and more, such as the below example, to help you manage your next 12 months of printing and stationary needs. There are some real cost saving benefits to ordering in advance and storing the products at your printer, for delivery when required. This will also help you stay organised and avoid any shortfalls throughout the year.

Checklist for Printed Stationary

G Force Printing – Stationary Printing Health Check

Need some help? G Force Printing can help your organisation health check your current business stationary ordering process and put together a streamlined method for you. This will save you both time and money in the long run! Talk to one of our friendly team today.