Protect the safety of your employees and the reputation of your business by providing professionally printed Take 5 Books to all staff carrying out high risk activities.

Quite simply, Take 5 Books are used to reduce accidents in the workplace and protect the safety of employees. They set out a simple to follow procedure employees must undertake before committing to a potentially hazardous task. Take 5 books help to identify hazards, categorise them and set out the safety procedure to be followed in order to reduce the likelihood of an incident occurring. They spell out how to address each new task to assess any dangers and the companies policy on the steps to take to minimize risk.

Often also referred to as HAZOB (Hazard Observation) Books, Hazard ID Pads, Hazard Report Books and Take 2 Safety Pads, regardless of what you call them G Force Printing has produced more than 538,000 of them for some of Australia’s largest blue chip companies.

Every organisation has their own procedures and requirements so only custom designed and printed Take 5 books will do. Our staff can expertly guide you through the design and print specifications to ensure your custom Take 5 books capture all the required information and function to the highest degree possible.

These pocket sized books can get surprisingly complicated so let us worry about all the small details that are crucial in ensuring the books are put together and will function properly for your business.

Take 5 Books generally comprise of:

  • A pocket sized pad which can be printed single or double sided in full colour or spot colour (offset printing) – we recommend perforating and stapling at the head rather than gluing for extra durability
  • A rigid plastic wallet to encase the pad – the opaque plastic wallets are available in different sizes and colours and can have printed front and back covers encapsulated as well as clear plastic sleeves welded to the inside spine
  • Information and instruction cards – to be slotted into the clear plastic sleeves, printed full colour both sides often with graphical information to assist recipients complete the Take 5 pads

The ways to customise your Take 5 Books are limitless and depend entirely on your needs.

Contact us to discuss the design and print solutions G Force Printing can offer your organisation now.