Require a take 5 checklist or take 5 safety book template to identify health issues and address hazards in the work site or workplace?

A take 5 safety book will help to make your workplace a safer environment by making it simple to identify hazards in the workplace, keeping every staff member free from harm and helping to manage safety.

Hazards in the workplace can be anything. They come in a number of different forms. Whether these are operating heavy machinery, large equipment, faulty moving parts, faulty products, faulty energy sources, bad weather conditions, hazardous substances, electricity or confined spaces, all these pose danger and potential health risks to your employees and their own safety.

That is why protecting your workers – from the top management and supervisor team down to the lowest level – against different types of potential risks and inherent hazards should be a key priority in your workplace. While accidents and new hazards are inevitable, these can be made easier to identify and mitigate by carrying out an effective risk assessment process and having the right tools and a safety management system in place to manage identified risks. "Take 5, Stay Alive".

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What is a Risk Assessment Checklist?

Upon starting work, on site employees are exposed to a number of dangers every day. A risk assessment is the process of determining the threats to your employees’ safety and health when carrying out a specific task.

It evaluates all aspects of a task to be carried out including the overall risk rating, taking into consideration the potential causes of injuries, whether the particular hazard or risks can be removed once identified or whether these identified hazards can be controlled or minimised.

As an employer it is your legal and moral obligation to address risks and add the necessary measures, resources, correct tools, processes and controls in place to protect the health and safety of your staff as they complete tasks. The right safety processes in place helps workers and team members to complete their job safely and reduces the likelihood of accidents.

Workplace safety is highly important to address and prevent injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Generally, companies that invest in safety and safety checks as a top priority see decreased costs related to injuries and insurance claims. A safe work environment helps bolster employee efficiency and morale, reduces the likelihood of absenteeism and staff turnover and boost work quality. A system of well thought out safety measures to assess hazards therefore translate to increased productivity and higher profit margins.

Businesses that ignore safety procedures run the risk of penalties, damage to property, legal fees and increased recovery expenses. They also face the grave consequences of work interruptions, loss of work time, increased worker compensation, reduced productivity and employee morale.

Flouting safety protocols usually leads to a damaged reputation, causing your clients to lose confidence in your company and your products and/or services. Worth noting are incidents involving multiple worker injuries or deaths. These can significantly impact not only your company and customers but also your employees and their family – causing everyone physical, emotional, and financial stress.

The importance of safety cannot be stressed enough when performing high risk tasks, particularly in mining, industrial and manufacturing industries. To safeguard your employees’ safety as well as your company’s reputation, it is essential that you add a take 5 safety book or take 5 risk assessment checklist for distribution to all your personnel, to complete before starting work on a hazardous task.

What is a Take 5 Safety Booklet/Checklist?

A take 5 safety booklet/checklist is a handy but efficient risk management tool that you can utilise to make sure safety in your workplace is maintained.

It is intended to make workers aware of exposure to possible risks, identify, take note, control and eliminate safety and health hazards before commencing tasks. Available as pocket sized books, take 5 safety books are essential products for industrial companies wanting to control and minimize risks. A take 5 checklist also helps to eliminate paperwork and automate workflows with a high level of risk.

Take 5 Checklist With Simple to Follow Health and Safety Checks For Workplace Safety

The take 5 safety manual provides clear guidelines and an easy to follow procedure that your workers need to answer prior to starting any potentially hazardous tasks to avoid accidents from occurring. This ensures every possible hazard is evaluated, safety equipment is checked to ensure it is in good condition, all proper measures to manage risks are implemented and all safety practices and training are followed to an acceptable level.

Every business has unique circumstances and requirements, depending on which industry they belong to and the services/product resources they provide. Therefore, your take 5 risk assessment or Take 5 safety products will be designed to your specific order requirements.

A take 5 safety book/checklist is also called a hazard report book, pre-start checklist, HAZOB (hazard observation) book and hazard risk book. Whatever your company or industry calls it, it plays a crucial role – to determine potential risks and keep everyone safe.

Benefits of a Take 5 Safety Checklist Book

If you are considering having a take 5 safety book printed and integrated into your current health and safety program, you may want to learn about its various advantages. A take 5 booklet is a simple and effective way to identify any hazards that may occur. These include the following:

  • Enables you to quickly view, assess, eliminate and minimise risks in your workplace by identify the risk rating and implementing control measures.
  • Provides safety awareness and training to your employees, thereby developing a safety-conscious workforce in the process and reducing the overall risk level.
  • A take 5 safety book is an efficient product to lower the chance of illnesses, injuries and deaths caused by an accident in the workplace.
  • Lays out hazard prompts & risk management standards for every employee to view & adhere to.
  • Improves the safety standards in your workplace.
  • A simple to use product that ensures your business complies with Australia government regulations for different industries.
  • Easy to add to existing health and safety programs

How to Complete a Take 5 for Safety Check

Formal risk assessment training aside, take 5 safety books help your employees pause for a few minutes and review their given tasks before they commence work, ensuring compliance and safety. Available as a pocket sized book making them easy to access, take 5 book checklists for safety are designed to be completed and the process usually involves the following steps:


Before performing a task, your workers need to take the time to understand how to execute it. They should check if they are trained for the job, if they have sufficient knowledge about its procedures and where to find assistance if required. They should make sure they use the proper tools and personal protective equipment. It's also vital employees know what to do or who to search for in case an emergency arises.

Look For Any Health And Safety Hazards

Employees should engage their senses and thoroughly view their operations area before performing their task. Are there potential hazards that will deter them from finishing their task? Does the job involve large machinery, hazardous chemicals or moving equipment? The risk of injuring themselves or harming others should be taken into consideration during this stage.

Assess and Monitor Hazards

Existing hazards and those that may appear should be identified and evaluated. Does the risk require someone to monitor it? Could these risks be totally eliminated? If not, could these risks be controlled? The range of damage these hazards can cause to people, property and the environment should be properly noted in risk management reports.

Manage and Control Hazards

It is usual SOP not to proceed with a task if it is unsafe for the user to do so. This stage requires your workers to report potential dangers to their superior. The superior then reviews the hazards, makes a record, follows procedure and implements suitable preventive measures. Potential hazards are managed and controlled through using a safe work method statement.


Once necessary action is taken, your employees can go ahead with their work free of the stress of potential injury. While measures & controls will already be in place to ensure their safety, it is wise to advise them to proceed with caution to prevent further accidents and increase safety awareness.

High Quality Take 5 Safety Books Designed to Be Completed

Take 5 safety books are products that help to search for, identify, record and manage hazards in the workplace.

From large one page hazard prompts to pocket sized pads, individual forms, plastic wallet holders containing pads and other critical information, a take 5 safety book, form or sign is an excellent product to minimize risks in the office or work site. A take 5 safety book covers all the steps needed to search for and safely handle any sign of a workplace or office hazard, helping business to stay safe and compliant.

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Take 5 Examples To Help Reduce Identified Hazards And Potential Hazards And Increase Safety Awareness

A take 5 safety book pdf template is perfect to get an idea of how a take 5 safety book or sign would operate when accidents happen. One of our take 5 pdf template are a great starting point to begin customizing your own take 5 safety template and reduce risk in the work place.

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