Personalised Student Diaries are an essential way to help students plan and organise their school year, to help them stay on track.

They are also an effective way to ensure communication and information can be exchanged between students, teachers and parents. In an increasingly digital learning landscape, it’s important for students to retain something tangible, rather than a laptop or tablet screen, which is why school diaries are still used throughout Perth’s leading primary and secondary schools.

Here at G Force Printing, we have been designing and printing school diaries for many of the leading Perth private schools, for over 20 years. Every school is a little different, that’s why G Force Printing offer customised school diary printing solutions, to ensure the best outcome for schools and their students. Our team are experts in digital printing, and will help you from design and artwork, right through to the final finished product and delivery.

As we have been printing school diaries for over 20 years, we are able to provide you with a range of page and template options, to help you finalise your ideas. You are also able to add custom amendments, to suit your school’s requirements.

Some of the standard school diary printing options include (but are not limited to):


Most Perth schools choose to go with an A4 (297 x 210mm) sized diary, that fits in the student’s files, however you can elect any size that’s suits your requirements, including A5 (210 x 148mm). You also have the options to go with portrait or landscape.

Diary Cover

We recommend using a polypropelene cover, which is a thick transparent frosted plastic cover, that is extremely durable and water resistant then printing a full colour cover page which will show through from underneath the polypropelene. Why not also consider personalising the covers with the student’s names?


Again, your options are fairly open, most of our Perth schools opt for the diary pages to be printed on white or coloured laser paper, which can be written on (so students can record their homework etc). Using different coloured colour laser paper for different sections or terms allows students to easily find what they are looking for with just a quick glance.

Binding Options

We recommend plastic coil bound booklets. These are pages which are punched and threaded with a spiral plastic coil. These can loop 360 degrees, which makes them easy to use, as the students can fold the diary to write in the pages (without the diary snapping shut). It’s also the most durable option to ensure they will not fall apart with continued sue throughout the year.

Other options include:

  • Saddle stitched booklets
  • Wire bound booklets
  • Comb bound booklets
  • Perfect bound booklets

If you are unsure which option will work best for your school diary, our experts are happy to show you your options and give recommendations.


Most schools will have a full school week across a double page spread. Each day will include space to record homework, notes from teachers and there will be an area for parents to sign the diary once a week. This is the easiest way for teachers and parents to communicate.

Additional Content

Have a think about what other useful information you want to include for your students, such as:

  • A map of the school
  • A summary of term/holiday dates and bell times
  • Public holidays
  • Pupil Free Days / Uniform Free Days
  • School timetable
  • Sports carnivals, excursions, camps, assemblies and other events
  • Names and details of teachers and other staff
  • School policies and important forms

Speak to the experts at G Force Printing, about custom designing and printing a school diary that is suitable for both students and teachers, to ensure ongoing success.