G Force Printing have been professionally Yearbook Printing for local Perth schools and colleges, for the past 20 years.

Our expert design service ensures a professional layout and appearance for your yearbook. We are experts in yearbook printing, and our team will help ensure you get a premium finished yearbook, at an affordable price.

Yearbooks can be printed for a variety of reasons. From the traditional high school and primary school yearbooks, to any other organisation wishing to celebrate the year gone by. We have seen yearbook printing for all types of organisations, including sporting clubs, colleges, universities, churches and charity organisations. They make a great memory for the year that has passed and an excellent parting gift for leaving students or club members.

Our Yearbook Printing services can be completely tailored to suit your unique requirements, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas. We have put together some yearbook design options below, to get you started.

High Quality Photos and Images

We understand one of the most important aspects of school diary printing, is printing high quality photos and images. Photos are some of the best ways to remember the school year, so you want to ensure these are clear and high resolution.

G Force Printing can utilise the latest in both digital and offset printing technology, to print your yearbook in full colour and excellent photo quality. Photos should be supplied in high resolution at the same size or larger than you want them printed, to ensure the best finish. Have a chat to your printer, to make sure your photos are supplied in the correct size and file types to ensure a perfect finish.

Get Creative

You are only bound by your own imagination, so get creative! There are some many ways to create a unique and memorable yearbook, so consider any of the following:

  • Choose a Theme – every good design process, begins with a solid theme. This might be as simple as the year (think Class of ’18) or it can be a bit more innovative, depending on your school.
  • Cover Page – this is the first thing people see, so make sure you take the time to consider what you would like the design to convey. A detailed design brief always translates to a great front cover.
  • Layout – leave it to us or get creative and advise us of the layout you desire, be it magazine style, images, text.
  • Photos - make sure you include plenty of photos, as this is what brings your year book to life
  • Space for Writing – a nice idea is to leave space around photos for students to sign and write messages to each other but make sure the printed pages are on a paper suitable for writing. Matt Art is a great choice as unlike other coated stocks it can be written on and plain old laser paper won’t give the same professional look.
  • Size – there is nothing to say your yearbook needs to be A4 portrait, so get creative with sizing. Make your yearbook stand apart from the rest in A3, A4 or A5 landscape or how about square? 20cm x 20cm works well.
  • Artwork – get the creative students involved and include their artwork in the final design and layout.

Professional Design Services

School yearbooks have come a long way from the old standard student profile images. Advances in digital printing technology mean we can get very creative with design and style of your printed yearbook. Our professional designers will help you create the design and images, and can offer suggestions on creative and individual ideas, to make a lasting memory with your yearbook.


There are many options for the finishing of your year book, some to consider include:


We recommend 130 to 150gsm art paper stock for the interal pages, either gloss or matte finish. Gloss is a great option for photos and images to look their best and brightest but as mentioned it is not suitable for writing on like matte. There are also recycled coated paper stocks available.


Saddle stitched books are stapled along the centre fold line, they’re both economical and professional looking but only suitable for a maximum of about 60 printed pages. Consider Perfect Bound for thicker books, which glues the pages to the inside spine of the cover.


Select a thicker laminated cover for extra durability we suggest a 250-300gsm coated stock. As well as the standard gloss or matt laminate have a look at new options like velvet to make a visual and tactile impact.

To really make your photos and images pop add a spot gloss varnish over the laminate or make the year stand out with metal silver or gold print.

Yearbooks are a wonderful way to create a lasting memory of the school year, or any other memorable event. Contact G Force Printing today, to explore creative design and printing options for your school yearbook, or any of your other custom booklet printing requirements.